This is always the hard part, isn’t it?

Having to tell all of the internet who you are and what you are about and really not knowing where to start.

I’ve written a bio or two in all 27 years in my life and it really doesn’t get any easier.

“So shut up and get on with it!” is probably what you’re thinking.

I’m a lady. I’m a lady who is married to her… here it comes… BEST FRIEND! Who just so happens to be a photographer and a Marketing Director at a bike and hockey shop in my home town. He’s been my main squeeze since I was 19 and we have two kids. Their names are ┬áTank and Lola. Yup they are our fur babies and we are quite happy with just those two, thank you very much.

Now let’s move onto my professional life. I am working at a magazine as and Advertising Consultant and a sometimes contributing writer. I love my job! I love my bosses and my co-workers and I love going to work each and every day.

What do I like to do in my very limited spare time? Well I play this ultra-fabulous, super-amazing, kick-ass sport, you may have heard of it. It’s called Roller Derby. My derby name is Belt-Her Face and I’ve been rolling with some awesome Dames for a little over a year now.

If you don’t see me on the track you can catch me on the slopes tearing it up on the ski’s or cruising around town on my single speed road bike. If I’m not doing any of those things I’m probably getting some more tattoo’s to add to my larger than life collection.

Now that I have a little tiny schmidgen of time, I want to squeeze in another fun past time. The art of photography.

That’s it friends! I hope you enjoy my blog and photos and well me in general!

Live Long and Take Pictures!